Defining your cloud migration proof of concept

Our recent blog established the importance of built-for-purpose IT infrastructure in leading a successful digital transformation. Next up, we’re investigating cloud migration, starting with the all-important proof of concept (PoC). 

What is cloud migration? 

Cloud migration is the process of moving digital processes into the cloud. Cloud migrations enable businesses to grow within an existing infrastructure, without impacting customer experience or daily operations.  

Most enterprises opt to move their processes from a private or on-site server environment to the cloud to improve security, cost-efficiency, scalability, and ease of access. Depending on the size of the project will determine the complexity of the cloud migration – for example, exactly what applications, processes, software, or databases need to be migrated.  

Why do cloud migrations fail? 

Many enterprises experience difficulties in their migration. A 2019 Unisys study found that nearly one-third of all cloud migrations fail, with 37% of American enterprises reportedly unable to see benefits from cloud solutions. 

The reasons for failure are numerous – unrealistic expectations, going too big, too soon, a lack of testing, or a poor strategy, to name a few. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud migration. It takes time, collaboration, and testing – and that’s before your migration even begins. 

Start small with a proof of concept 

A successful cloud migration starts with a proof of concept. In cloud computing, PoC refers to a virtual environment in which users test an application, process, or product in the cloud before advancing the migration.  

A PoC reduces risk; if the environment turns out to be unsuitable for the business case, that’s okay – nothing is broken or disrupted to operations. It simply provides opportunities to review, test, and refine the infrastructure as the strategy escalates. 

Getting to know you 

Starting with a PoC will minimize risk and provide opportunities to investigate technologies, cost, implementation processes, and more. It’s important, therefore, to find a managed service provider who can provide the presales and architectural support to collaborate with you on your PoC and beyond.  

A PoC is typically part of a sales process. A supplier should work collaboratively with your business to gain a detailed understanding of your infrastructure requirements. Just like the application, product, or service consumed by your end-user, your cloud migration will be unique to your business. It’s up to a supplier to build a PoC strategy to meet those requirements.  

Proof of concept in practice 

Unlike many infrastructure providers, we are known for our customizable approach to hosting solutions. We are the infrastructure engine powering THG’s portfolio of more than 160 luxury eCommerce brands, as well as some of the world’s leading gaming, retail, and digital businesses. Our product experts specialize in building IT infrastructures fit for purpose, no matter what that purpose is.  

We work with clients to understand their current server infrastructure, workloads, and utilization. A data-driven approach means we can identify the ideal application candidate for a PoC and make solid recommendations for a migration plan. There’s no diving in at the deep end; we deliver a right-sized strategy that is disruptive in all the right ways. 

Why THG Hosting? 

Cloud infrastructure promises great potential; embrace agility, innovate and grow without limits. However, a business can only hope to enjoy the benefits of the cloud when migration is done right. 

At THG Hosting, we utilize our economies of scale to go the extra mile on our competitors. Our global presence includes more than 50 data centers across 30 locations. We partner with open-source communities, traditional IT vendors, and distributors to offer high-quality hardware and technology; our portfolio is expanding to meet our growing client base’s infinite and specific needs.  

Whatever your next innovation, application, or project, we’re ready to work with you. Arrange a consultation with a solution expert today.