Level up: low latency, large scale hosting for gaming innovators

Launching new games into the global marketplace requires a robust, reliable and expandable online infrastructure. For game developers and gamers alike, latency can be a huge obstacle; gamers are likely to give up on a game if latency impacts the overall experience, causing considerable impact to a game’s reputation.

Renown for our flexible and customizable approach to IaaS, gaming innovators, developers, and industry leaders choose THG Hosting to deliver a flawless gaming experience. In fact, our network and industry-leading hardware are utilized by one of the world’s best real-time development platforms; here’s why.

Why latency is the biggest killer 

Nothing frustrates gamers more than laggy gameplay. Particularly in the instance of first-person shooter (FPS) games, a few vital milliseconds of delay can be the difference between victory and disaster.

A few factors can result in latency, including distance from the host server, traffic loads, and overloaded servers. Whilst it is not (yet) possible to eliminate latency completely, it can be reduced so as not to impact gameplay; that’s where we come in

How do we support leading game developers today?

We eliminate latency with advanced Noction routing for seamless, high-quality gameplay. With over 50 data centers located near to major internet exchanges, worldwide, we keep gamers close to the action and deliver data with minimal delays. This means players are keen to respawn, time after time, and achieves that all-important ‘addictive’ gameplay experience. 

Keeping players online with zero packet loss underpins a seamless gaming experience and we partner with some of the world’s largest peering and transit providers to ensure every bit of digital data is distributed to user consoles, computers, smartphones, and tablets.  

Developers choose THG Hosting for our Intel Xeon CPUs, ultra-fast SSDs, and high-performing GPUs. We partner with industry-leading technology providers including NVIDIA, Arbor, and Noction, ensuring optimum gameplay and application performance. 

Watch our on-demand webinar with computing and gaming giants, NVIDIA, in which we explore the latest and greatest innovations in GPU, CPU, and AI; view the virtual meet-up now.

We work with clients to develop solutions tailored to their needs. Regardless of your preferred operating system, platform, and approach to application delivery, we can facilitate it.  

Talk to us to find out how we can support your gaming business to level up your user experience.